Top Haiku in BC

I was delighted that my haiku “cherry blossoms” was selected from nearly 1000 entries in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s 2015 Haiku Invitational in the Best British Columbia category.


cherry blossoms
come and go
my seventy years


Judge’s comment:

This wistful poem reflects on the passing of time, presenting the idea that the years of one’s life can pass as quickly as a cherry’s blooms. We can also surmise that the poet has paid attention to many blossom seasons as they have gone by, suggesting a deep-seated love for the beauty of spring and perhaps for the poet’s own life as well. Prufrock measured his life in coffee spoons, but here the poet measures life with something lovelier and more colourful. The result causes us, as readers, to reflect on the joy and sadness in the passing of time in our own lives as well.


8 thoughts on “Top Haiku in BC

  1. Wonderful, Dan! I appreciate the judge’s comment very much. I worked in Washington, DC for 41 years and feel nostalgic for a visit only when the cherry trees are blooming around the Tidal Basin and in Kenwood. Just celebrated my 80th birthday in St. Petersburg, Florida and plan to visit this coming spring so I can drive thru Kenwood in Chevy Chase where the cherry trees form a bower of blossoms over the streets. cheers, ches

  2. I think I intended but neglected to congratulate you on this achievement, Dan. I am so pleased you are being recognized for your thoughtful, evocative poetry. The cherry blossoms have always been among my favourite spring experiences in Victoria; this haiku evokes not just the springtime experience, but the depth of lifetime cycles. Thank you.

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