haiku published ~ 2019


Photo by Dan Curtis

gathering dusk in a pail wild blueberries

Herons Nest,  Volume XXI, Number 4: December 2019

faded sky
some blues drift in
from a tenor sax

Frogpond,  42: 3, Autumn, 2019

her good days…
scattered sunlight
in the garden

tinywords, 19.2

slack tide . . .
sea otter pups
bob in the kelp

on a path
I’m not sure of . . .
autumn mist

Presence, Issue 65, 

talk radio
the silence
of the night sky

Haiku Canada Review, Volume. 13, October, 2019, Number 2

I crunch into
the soft center
spring marsh

Modern Haiku, 50:3, Autumn, 2019

the sound
of melting snow
cradle song

Modern Haiku, 50:2, Summer 2019

night shadows
my old cat returns
in a dream

Presence, Issue 64, July 2019

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Ten recently published Haiku

Photo by Dan Curtis


wildflower meadow
the approaching buzz
of a drone

shortest night
my dreams fading
with the stars

Presence, Issue 62,  November 2018


sweet melon
a wasp and I
have seconds

cat collar
the little bell
rusted silent

tinywords 18.2


sun puddle
my old cat
eases in

Acorn, Fall 2018


lake clouds

Haiku Canada Review, October 2018


I read the same line again the barking dog

Modern Haiku, 49:3


temple bell…
petal by petal
the pond blooms

The Heron’s Nest, Vol. 19, Issue 3, September 2017


on the wild side —
a monarch slips
across the border

2018 Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology


rain pools
on the empty patio…
long weekend

Frogpond,  41: 3, Autumn, 2018

Eleven Newly Published Haiku


photo by Dan Curtis


polaroid photos
I try to recall
my father’s voice

Presence, issue #61


tornado watch …
the first tinkling
of a wind chime

Frogpond, vol 41:2 Spring 2018


first day of spring
the squeaking of
new shoes

Heron’s Nest, Volume XX, Number 2: June 2018


up a stem and back
quiet afternoon


sea shells
a child’s summer
packed in a jar

tinywords 18.1


cold rain …
filling the carton
with her clothes

Heron’s Nest, Volume XX, Number 1: March 2018


neither here
nor there

Haiku Canada Member’s Anthology, 2018


old growth forest
the creaking of
my bones

Modern Haiku, issue 49:2


summer solstice—
watching another




so late
so soon
so old

Haiku Canada Review, vol. 11. no. 2, October 2017

Eight Recently Published Haiku

Photo by Dan Curtis


a call to prayer
by the sea
the scent of wild roses

tinywords 17.2


family picnic
a thundershower
clears the air

Haiku Society of America
2017 Members’ Anthology


sea glass —
bit by bit
becoming blind

Frogpond, 40:3, Autumn 2017


I go on
about my ailments
organ recital

Modern Haiku 48:3


dead sea lion
held by the sand —
by the full moon

deep breath: a book of haiku evolutions
edited by Terry Ann Carter
leaf press, 2017


final blessing
cherry petals fall
on silent mourners

Sakura Award
2017 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival


a sepia photo
of laughing boys —
Remembrance Day


sunny side up
getting ready for
my hospice shift

Haiku Canada, February 2018



Recently published haiku

Dan Curtis


the dream
my father still clings to
backyard sailboat

The Heron’s Nest, Winter, 2016

dementia ward
she sits on the far side
of the moon

moongarlic E-zine, Issue: 8

the     just before orgasm

Bones,  journal for contemporary haiku, Issue 12, March 15th, 2017


A Haiku Honour



I’m thrilled that my haiku “shortest day” was selected for inclusion in Dust Devils: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2016.

The Red Moon Anthology “…assembles each year the finest haiku and related forms published around the world in English.”  The poems are voted in by a panel of 11 editors from a selection of more than 3,000 haiku and related works. It’s an honour to be included in this anthology.


My haiku was first published in Modern HaikuWinter-Spring 2016.

shortest day
my toothpaste
promises brightness