Newly published haiku


spring equinox
opening my door
to the first fly

~Modern Haiku, Summer 2016



the trees
become a whisper

A Hundred Gourds, June 2016



the first rain
sinks into me

Haiku Canada, 2016 Members Anthology



on the radio
stormy weather

~ Cattails, May 2016



Four recently published haiku


shortest day
my toothpaste
promises brightness

~ Modern Haiku, Winter-Spring 2016


cold snap
the blue call
of a jay

deep in the woods
phallus impudicus

Haiku Canada Review, February 2016


moon shadows
the owl
slips between

A Hundred Gourds, March 2016

Newly published haiku


rain shadow
an old couple
hand in hand

~ 2015 Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology: A Splash of Water


meditation bell
the drumming woodpecker

~ Haiku Canada Review,  Volume 9:2 – October 2015


low tide
I lie awake

~ Frogpond, Volume 38:3 – Autumn 2015


blink of an eye
the distance between
a finch and my cat

~ The Heron’s Nest, Volume XVII, Number 4 – December 2015


Top Haiku in BC

I was delighted that my haiku “cherry blossoms” was selected from nearly 1000 entries in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s 2015 Haiku Invitational in the Best British Columbia category.


cherry blossoms
come and go
my seventy years


Judge’s comment:

This wistful poem reflects on the passing of time, presenting the idea that the years of one’s life can pass as quickly as a cherry’s blooms. We can also surmise that the poet has paid attention to many blossom seasons as they have gone by, suggesting a deep-seated love for the beauty of spring and perhaps for the poet’s own life as well. Prufrock measured his life in coffee spoons, but here the poet measures life with something lovelier and more colourful. The result causes us, as readers, to reflect on the joy and sadness in the passing of time in our own lives as well.

Haiku Award

I am delighted to have won an honourable mention in the Third Annual Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Awards. My haiku was selected from 1,868 entries from around the world. You can read the judge’s comments and the other winning haiku here.

My entry selected by judge Roberta Beary is:

picking through
my boyhood

Newly published haiku

Frogpond, the Journal of the Haiku Society of America, has published one of my haiku in their 2015 summer edition.  Frogpond is one of North America’s oldest and preeminent haiku journals. I’m delighted to have been included.


summer’s end
the lost cat poster


Two Newly Published Haiku

These two haiku of mine were recently published in the February 2015 edition of the Haiku Canada Review.


the fridge shuts off     sound of snow

stack of patio chairs

Published haiku

I’ve not posted my haiku for over a year now. But this doesn’t mean I haven’t been working at them!  I wanted to concentrate more on trying to get some published in haiku journals.  If I post my haiku on my blog, they’re considered published. And haiku journals as a rule only accept unpublished work.

This is why I’m pleased that two of my haiku have been recently published. One appeared in the October edition of the Haiku Canada Review.

scattered ashes
the lilacs bow down
with rain

My other haiku received honourable mention in the 2014 Vancouver Cherry Blossom International Haiku Invitational.

a cherry petal
caught in her hair –
witty aside

I will have two more haiku published in the February edition of the Haiku Canada Review. I’ll post these in March.